November 13, 2023

Photo of the 240 N Broadway Building

In a momentous celebration on Wednesday, November 1, 2023, GB Real Estate Investments, in collaboration with local officials, investors, and residents, ushered in a new chapter as they unveiled the grand opening of the meticulously renovated 240 N Broadway building.

Embarking on this historical renovation journey in 2022, GB Real Estate Investments breathed fresh life into the 114-year-old structure, previously known as the DuChateau Saloon and later Mikey’s Pub. This iconic landmark has graced Green Bay’s Broadway District since its inception in 1909, and the recent transformation has added a vibrant touch to its rich history.

The restoration project was not merely a cosmetic endeavor but a thoughtful allocation of significant resources to enhance both the structural integrity and the exterior façade. Meticulously executed, these renovations successfully modernized the building while preserving its historic charm, ensuring that 240 N Broadway will continue to stand proudly for another 114 years.

Under the visionary leadership of Garritt Bader, the development team converted the two standalone commercial units, housing Bangkok Garden and Mikey’s Pub, into two modern commercial spaces. Additionally, they added seven apartments, ranging from 505 to 793 square feet, seamlessly blending historic character with contemporary living.

Goldfinch Management, proudly serving as the property management partner for 240 N Broadway, expresses enthusiasm for contributing to the revival of this 114-year-old gem. As stewards of the property’s future, Goldfinch Management is committed to breathing new life into this historic building and ensuring its sustained vibrancy.

For those captivated by the allure of this historic space, whether seeking commercial opportunities or eyeing the prospect of residing in one of the seven distinctive apartments, inquiries are welcomed. Reach out to Goldfinch Management’s office at 920-432-7176 to explore the exciting possibilities that 240 N Broadway has to offer.

The grand reopening of 240 N Broadway stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of past and present, a celebration of history infused with a modern touch, and an invitation to be part of the ongoing legacy of this iconic Green Bay landmark.

Photo of Apartment Living Room
Photo of Apartment Deck