Meet Goldfinch

About Goldfinch

Genuinely Helpful. Always Available. Profoundly Knowledgeable and Professional.

Goldfinch sets the standard for both excellent property management in Wisconsin and a higher level of service expectation across the industry. Through dynamic property management, we simplify processes, maximize value, and generate complete peace of mind. With dedicated people who deliver our services with compassion, integrity, and expertise.

and Associations

Homeowners and their associations want quality living environments, and we help protect their assets and enhance property values.

Rental Market

We recognize the challenges of finding, loving, and sometimes keeping the right housing, and we assist renters in all the ways we can.

Property Investors

Owners and investors want low vacancy rates and reliable tenants. And we work to make that consistently happen.

Goldfinch understands all the ways managing property works best, and we take the work out of all of it.

And all while taking care of the people who belong to the properties we manage.

goldfinch values

Our Goldfinch Values

Renters, condominium owners, and property investors can expect a higher standard of service from our Goldfinch team members who represent these core values.

  • Respect. Courteous and honest, we treat others as we expect to be treated.

  • Integrity. We adhere to the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior, striving for accountability, responsibility, and transparency

  • Teamwork. We support and care for one another, working together to solve problems and ensure quality service.

  • Continual Improvement. We are empowered to make improvements and introduce efficiencies, all to exceed customer expectations.